Conflict Minerals Declaration

Conflict Minerals Declaration

Certain minerals referred to as "Conflict Minerals" (Tantalum, Tungsten, Tin, Gold - 3TG) can be used to finance armed groups in conflict and high-risk areas, promote forced labor, support human rights violations, and facilitate illegal activities such as bribery or money laundering.

At Uzer Makina, we have adopted a policy to mitigate the risk of sourcing Conflict Minerals from politically unstable regions.

3TG minerals are commonly used in various industries, including automotive, electronics, aerospace, medical devices, industrial machinery, and jewelry manufacturing. However, consumers often find it difficult to determine whether the products they purchase contribute to these risks.

At Uzer Makina, we are committed to taking the necessary measures to ensure that our products and processes do not source from regions with a high risk of conflict minerals. We carefully control our supply chain and work diligently to select suppliers that are not directly or indirectly linked to conflicts. Additionally, we aim to research alternative materials and monitor the use of existing minerals.

We clearly outline our expectations for suppliers and business partners, which include:

  • Collaborating with us to validate potential sources of conflict minerals in their supply chain,
  • Reducing or eliminating risks by working with high-risk suppliers, or terminating partnerships if risk reduction efforts fail,
  • Not offering or accepting bribes, and resisting bribery attempts to conceal the origin of minerals,
  • Collaborating with national and international institutions, civil society organizations, and other relevant third parties as needed to mitigate the adverse effects of conflict minerals,
  • Our ultimate goal at Uzer Makina is to build an ethical and sustainable supply chain that promotes respect for human rights and environmental protection, thus contributing to a fairer and more peaceful world.