Human Resources Strategies
Human Resources Strategies

Human Resources Strategies

Transparent Recruitment Process:

At Uzer Makina, the recruitment process is founded on the principle of “the right person for the right job” and is based on a commitment to transparency and honesty in the relationship between candidates and employers. Our goal is to offer equal opportunities to everyone without discrimination and to hire employees with the necessary education, technical knowledge, and competencies, as well as personal attributes that align with our company values, culture, and policies.

Employee Satisfaction:

At Uzer Makina, we conduct regular satisfaction surveys annually to enhance employee satisfaction and workplace productivity. These surveys are designed to evaluate employees' views on various aspects of Uzer Makina, such as reliability, respect, fairness, pride, and team spirit. The results from the surveys are analyzed in detail, and we create improvement plans based on employee feedback. Uzer Makina is dedicated to maximizing employee satisfaction and continually focusing on feedback and improvement processes to increase workplace efficiency.

2022 Employee Satisfaction Rate: 66.31%
2023 Employee Satisfaction Rate: 63.47%

Employee Turnover Rate:

Uzer Makina carefully monitors employee turnover rates annually to maintain employee loyalty and workforce stability. In this process, we calculate turnover rates in detail, analyze the results thoroughly, and take necessary actions. Using the data obtained, we aim to understand employee satisfaction, career development, and perceptions of the work environment.

2022 Employee Turnover Rate: 7%
2023 Employee Turnover Rate: 5%

Training and Development:

At Uzer Makina, we organize continuous training and competency development programs to unleash our employees' potential and enhance job performance. We offer each employee various training opportunities to help them recognize and develop their unique talents. These trainings range from technical skills required for job success to personal and managerial skills. Uzer Makina places significant importance on conducting these training sessions to encourage ongoing development and enable employees to be more effective and efficient in the workplace.
With our Uzer Academy online platform, employees can access assigned training courses, select from a training catalog, watch video content like TED talks, read e-books, and comment and like content that interests them.

Complaints and Feedback Channels:

At Uzer Makina, we believe that every employee's views and experiences are valuable, and we encourage them to express their complaints and feedback openly. To this end, we have established a variety of communication channels and feedback mechanisms. Our employees have access to platforms where they can communicate directly with management and submit anonymous feedback. Uzer Makina takes complaints and feedback seriously and ensures necessary improvements are made. By creating a positive working environment, we aim to provide our employees with an excellent job experience.

Social Dialogue:

Uzer Makina is committed to fostering social interaction and dialogue among employees. We organize various events and programs to encourage better communication, interaction, and collaboration among employees. These events include team-building games, social gatherings, group projects, and other platforms where employees can exchange ideas. Uzer Makina believes that strengthening social bonds in the workplace enhances collaboration and motivation, thereby increasing employee satisfaction and performance. Thus, our company continuously strives to promote social interaction among employees and maintain a positive workplace atmosphere.