Information Security Policy

Information Security Policy

Information, like other important commercial assets, is an asset that has value to an enterprise and therefore must be protected.


Information security protects our organization from areas of danger and threat to:

  • Ensure business continuity
  • Minimize commercial losses
  • Protect from risks and potantial dangers to maximize the return on commercial opportunities and investments


We acknowledge that the integrity, accessibility, and confidentiality of the information used in our organization's business processes are extremely important for our organization's continuity, and we act with the principle of "Protecting Information" in our activities.


We aim to establish, operate, and continuously improve the Information Security Management System in line with our objectives.


To achieve this, we declare and commit to meeting the following requirements:

  • Valuing and protecting information
  • Protecting customer intellectual property, especially design information
  • Protecting personal information
  • Protecting acquired information
  • Ensuring the necessary level of protection for cybersecurity
  • Effectively managing information security risks
  • Ensuring physical and environmental security
  • Continuing our business activities with minimal disruption
  • Complying with legal requirements related to information security
  • Increasing the information security awareness of our stakeholders
  • Defining information security roles and responsibilities, and providing the necessary resources