Social Compliance Policy

Social Compliance Policy

At Uzer Makina, we believe in the power of sustainable development in everything we do, and we are committed to conducting our business activities in accordance with this principle.

Accordingly, we adopt a business model that is environmentally conscious, aligned with the community, values ethics, and is economically sustainable.

Human Rights:

According to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, human rights are innate, inalienable, universal, indivisible, and interdependent. As Uzer Makina, we respect human rights, exercise due diligence to ensure their observance, identify potential risks related to human rights, and take the necessary measures to prevent them.

Community Relations:

As Uzer Makina, we respect the cultural, social, and economic values of the community, embrace the principles of honesty and transparency in our interactions with the community, and exhibit ethical behavior. We collaborate with non-governmental organizations, universities, vocational schools, and local authorities to support the sustainable development of the community.

Employee Complaints, Suggestions, and Feedback:

We expect all our employees to act according to professional working conditions, and we prepare appropriate procedures to ensure that they can file complaints and/or provide feedback through proper channels without any hindrance if they face issues or conflicts. We commit to keeping whistleblowers anonymous to the extent legally permitted and protecting them from retaliation and punitive measures. We respond to complaints, suggestions, and feedback promptly, take action, and conduct monitoring and review where necessary.

Social Dialogue:

We listen to our employee representatives to adopt an open and constructive dialogue with all our employees. Our employee representative is elected through a selection process in which all our employees participate, from candidates who applied on a voluntary basis.

Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) and Working Conditions:

We consider people to be our most valuable asset in all our activities. We commit to creating, maintaining, and controlling a safe and healthy workplace environment based on proactive risk analysis to ensure the health and safety of our employees, suppliers, and visitors, continuously learning from the results, and improving. We take into account legal and other requirements in our health and safety practices, ensure the participation of our employees through continuous training, and establish measures to prevent injury and health deterioration by consulting them, adopting this as part of our corporate culture.

Forced Labor:

We respect the right of all our employees and suppliers to choose their employment. We maintain a copy of identification information obtained legally at the time of hiring in accordance with confidentiality requirements and commit that it will not be used against our employees.

Child Labor:

We operate according to principles governing child and young workers, committing not to employ workers under the age of 18.

Right to Elect Employee Representatives:

We respect our employees' right to protect their rights and encourage the election of employee representatives. We ensure that employee representatives can take part in the Social Performance Team, established to support sustainability initiatives. We commit that they will not be subjected to threats or harassment due to their peaceful representation activities.

Prevention of Discrimination, Diversity, Inclusion, and Equal Rights:

We adopt the principle of transparency in all processes, including recruitment, termination, communication, salary and compensation policy, performance evaluation, and training. We operate based on skills and not discrimination regarding religion, language, race, belief, sect, gender, color, political opinion, wealth, disability, marital status, age, or pregnancy. We ensure equal access to all rights and declare that we will prevent discrimination in all aspects of working life.

Prevention of Disciplinary Abuse and Harassment:

We stand against all forms of violence and commit to providing fair and humane treatment in compliance with our Disciplinary Procedure, prepared in accordance with our corporate culture and values, as well as with Labor Law No. 4857 and our Ethical Procedure.

Wages and Payments:

We commit to providing competitive salaries and benefits without discrimination, based on local standards and minimum living indexes, compared to the sectoral and local labor markets, and to making payments based on job performance without unnecessary delays. We regularly review compensation policies.

Compliance with Legal and Other Requirements:

We comply with all applicable national and international laws, as well as other requirements (client, sectoral, regional, etc.). We commit to tracking changes through periodic reviews and ensuring compliance.