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Uzer Makina has been serving global tire industry with its wide range of tire curing solutions since 1978. Our product line consist of two main categories which are tire curing presses and tire molds

The headquarters is located in Kocaeli/Turkey where is also known as “the capital of Turkish tire industry”. Uzer Makina serves its clients with its four plants and more than 400 employees.



We Recycled Electronic Waste with Exitcom!

We would like to express our gratitude to all team members who are environmentally conscious and contributed to this project.

Uzer Makina Energy Saver Solutions

Uzer Makina offers energy-saving solutions to tire manufacturers with the services it develops!

Enhancing Manufacturing by Optimizing Press Performance!

Uzer Makina offers an innovative approach to tire manufacturers by optimizing press performance with the innovative and sustainable presses it provides.



Uzer Makina offers “Integrated Tire Curing Solutions” to world leading tire manufacturers from all over the world. Currently we serve 40 countries and keep expanding our customer portfolio.